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PRESS RELEASE -- OCTOBER 8TH, 2020 -- The Bridge Crossing Jubilee Goes Global as a Virtual Event


People Power, Political Power, Economic Power - the PPE our Communities Need

The 56th Annual Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee Goes Global as a Virtual Event

As citizens across the country are either voting or preparing to vote in the November presidential election, organizers are planning to commemorate “Bloody Sunday”, a brutal moment that shocked the nation and led to the protection of voting rights for all Americans. For its 56th anniversary and the first time ever, the annual Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee, a celebration of the victories of the voting rights movement will be hosted virtually March 4-7, 2021.

In addition to interactive workshops, storytelling by Foot Soldiers of the voting rights movement, awards ceremonies, a virtual expo floor, and a concert with world-renowned musicians, this emotional and thought-provoking celebration is bringing an exciting experience born in Selma to touch every corner of the globe.

According to Principal Coordinator Drew Glover, with the honoring of the late U.S. Congressman John Lewis who personifies the spirit of the civil and voting rights movements, this year’s theme, “Beyond the Bridge: People Power, Political Power, Economic Power," focuses on encouraging worldwide conversations about the impact of key moments in history and the need to build on the works of those who paved the way.

A stellar list of activists, philanthropists, and socially conscious supporters have pledged their support as members of the Honorary Committee, including Dolores Huerta; Martin Luther King III; Mary Liuzzo-Lillieboe; Kerry Kennedy; Charles Steele, Jr.; Revs. Dr. James M. Lawson, Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Lennox Yearwood Jr., and Jesse Jackson; Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Chair Tonya Veasey; Grammy Award-winning musician Joan Baez; and actors Martin Sheen and Louis Gossett Jr. with more signing on each week.

“Having the opportunity to modernize the historic event and take it to the global stage will provide access to countless new potential change-makers,” Glover said. “Our focus on developing new leaders and bridging the past with the present allows us to recommit to the struggle to build a better future.”

The theme, says Glover, also represents the importance of not just celebrating this critical event in history on its anniversary, but also ensuring that conversations are happening within families and across generations about what it symbolizes, thus paying homage to ancestors of the movement and committing to the future.

The Bridge Crossing Jubilee, Inc., the organization responsible for coordinating the annual event, has said that it will be watching the progression of COVID-19 closely. “For now all activities including the march will be hosted virtually. For the safety of the people of Selma and potential Jubilee attendees, this year we ask that you help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and join the celebrations virtually,” he added.

The Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee was founded in Selma, Alabama as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Our commitment is to the commemoration and preservation of the spirit of the struggle for the right to vote in this country and the world. Our goal is to inspire people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to respect and appreciate the power of their vote. This annual event is a family affair and appropriate for all ages. To connect, visit or call 334-526-2626 to pre-register and get priority updates, special offers, and opportunities to win prizes. For press inquiries contact Drew Glover at 334-526-2626 x801 or

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