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Foot Soldiers Registration

The purpose of this form is to collect data from foot soldiers participating in Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee. Please complete to the best of your ability.

Foot Soldiers Oral Histories


Foot Soldiers hailed as significant contributors to the civil rights and voting rights movement during the 1960s. In addition, well-known events such as The March on Washington “Bloody Sunday ” Selma to Montgomery March the desegregation of the Universities of Alabama and Mississippi, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 have come to represent the major events of the civil rights and voting rights movement. The National Voting Museum and Institute and Wallace Community College have partnered to interview, preserve, and make accessible the valuable interviews collected from the foot soldiers.

The oral history interviews focus on trailblazers and unsung foot soldiers, those individuals who, despite playing significant, powerful, and historic roles in the movement, remain unknown to most people. It is crucial to recount the stories of these foot soldiers, for although their efforts have not been well documented or widely publicized, their courage and contributions have nevertheless transformed our reality, therefore, is not only to commemorate the foot soldiers of the past but also and perhaps, more importantly, to learn from them and carry their legacy forward. As the beneficiaries of their courageous actions, this generation bears the responsibility of continuing their struggle for freedom and justice.

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