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Amelia Boynton Robinson: Matriarch of the Voting Rights Movement

  • Amelia Boynton Robinson, a prominent activist for voting rights, was beaten unconscious for her efforts. This biography will take the reader back in time to listen and see through the eyes of Amelia what it was like to live in the Black Belt in the city of Selma and Dallas County rural areas during the Jim Crow era. You will get a clear feeling of what was like to be Black in the South in the 1930s up through the 1960s. Boynton Robinson's distinguished efforts in Selma, specifically related to planning and participating in the historic 1965 March from Selma to Montgomery, has earned for her the designated and honorary title: "Matriarch of the Voting Rights Movement.

  • The Weaver Company, 2020. Paperback. 

  • 196 Pages

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