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Lift Our Vote 2020

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Mission: To convey the urgency and importance that every person from the cradle to the grave is affected by voting.  To educate communities that every life issue faced is impacted by a vote. To ensure an inclusive, expansive and non-discriminatory American Democracy with a robust, diverse and participatory electorate. To empower communities to Lift their Vote as when we Lift Our Vote, we collectively use our power to cause change.
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Purpose: Voting impacts every issue of our various concerns, including health, economics, education, mass incarceration and global warming, poverty and criminal “injustice.” Yet this fundamental right to vote is under attack by anti-democracy forces using state voter suppression legislation, state and federal courts, electoral limitations, deceptive and intimidating practices, local practices and procedures to limit the electorate and participation of African Americans, all voters of color, students, low-income and other vulnerable voters. For this reason, we are placing the call for every civil and human rights organization to “Return to the Bridge”, on March 2 and 3, 2019, during the 54th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday and the Voting Rights struggle. The Bridge Crossing Jubilee, the largest annual celebration of a civil rights event, is an excellent time to recommit, strategize and set forth a call for action that will be focused, strategic and time sensitive. Your organization has played a critical role in this struggle. Therefore, your leadership is critical and necessary to achieve victory again. 

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